John Lewis' Acclaimed Graphic Novel March Is Becoming an Animated Series

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Not content with being the first active member of Congress to write a graphic novel, congressman John Lewis is may become its first animation star, as his seminal memoir about the civil rights movement will be brought to television as an animated series.


Today Charleston Immersive & Interactive Media Studio has announced that they have optioned the animation rights to the graphic novel trilogy, published by Top Shelf. No further details as to when the series would air were revealed, but there are plans to expand the animated series into a line of interactive educational tools for use in schools and universities, where March is already frequently used to teach the history of the Civil Rights movement.

The first volume in a three-part trilogy, penned by Lewis with co-writer Andrew Aydin and artist Nate Powell, March: Book One told the story of Lewis’ childhood growing up in Alabama before an encounter with civil rights movement leader Martin Luther King, which inspired Lewis to take part in the Nashville Student Movement to end segregation practices. The second volume continued his chronicling his role in the wider Civil Rights campaign, and the third and final chapter is set to release in August this year.


March: Book One was one of our favorite comics in 2013—it’s immensely personal and powerful. Hopefully seeing it come to life in animation will do Congressman Lewis’ story the justice it deserves.

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I hope Nate Powell sees some compensation or creative role for this. The guy is amazing and last I heard he still had a day job cuz indie comics don't pay the bills.