John Lasseter Explains Buzz Lightyear's Secret Origin

Pixar boss John Lasseter spends a little time describing how Toy Story's Buzz Lightyear came to be. Turns out Buzz has a little bit of G.I. Joe in him. And his color palate came straight from the heart.


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thank god someone was here to tell us where the name 'buzz lightyear' came from cause i'm not sure i would have been able to put that together without help. someone explain 'mr. potato head' next.

i do enjoy his childlike enthusiasm for the minutest of details on the action figure. i think that's the difference between disney and pixar for me. pixar is all about being a child yourself to best produce something a child would enjoy. disney feels more driven by a group of regression models that predict what kids will like 18 months from now.