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John Gulager Explains The Problem With Monster Peen

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All hail the return of adorably quirky monster movie creator John Gulager, whose Feast was a Project Greenlight winner. He's teamed up with the original Feast writers to bring us Feast II: Sloppy Seconds. We sat down with Gulager and grilled him about all the monster barf, blood, and puss that leaks out of Feast 2, and found out the biggest set problem was the monster's jean sausage. Gulager told us how to keep those monster peens in place while filming in a mildly conservative town, plus an exclusive clip of the town's meth head.So Feast 2 takes place right after the original and now the monsters are headed to the town, What was your decision to bring in the biker gang? She is Harley Mom's twin sister. We tried to keep all that a secret but it didn't work out. She's Harley Mom's twin sister the biker queen and she's in an all girl biker gang. They come looking for the sister and go off to fight some of the scallywags that roughed her up. What was it like making another movie without all of the Project Greenlight cameras? You don't really have too much perspective on what's going on when the cameras are following each other around. You kind of realize that there is this whole level of stress that's not there anymore. I've become friends with most of the people that I worked on Project Greenlight with though in fact my other camera man is one of the camera men from Project Greenlight. They were all really good guys, but there was another level stress when the cameras were there. Why did you decide to keep working with the same writers you met on the first Feast? It has to be. It had to be Marcus [Dunstan] and Patrick [Melton] because it was sort of the three of us that went through something. We all became pretty good friends, we survived Project Greenlight and went through something. It was always the plan to get together and come up with something. But we didn't want to make the same movie again so in that respect I think some people will be happy and some people will be disappointed. I think ultimately people will be happy.

Illustration for article titled John Gulager Explains The Problem With Monster Peen

There is a lot, a lot, or blood and gore and barf what was your favorite part of filming all of that? The monster suits are funny. Monsters are grumpy, first off. They are in these suits and we shoot a lot of it in day time and they can't really run that far. I imagined these monsters jumping all over the place and stuff. But they get really tired and really hot. So they were always sitting in these plastic chairs with these little fans in their laps to cool off. So they would run down the street, but they could only run once. And then sit in the chairs for a while. Then they would go back up the street in the pick up truck, and there would be these monsters just sitting on the back gate of the pick up truck going back up the road. That was pretty funny and crazy to see. Monsters get tired and monsters get hot. We had to stick a little oxygen tube up their nose. They can't really stop, or take time off. They also had these big monster penises that would sort of fall off, there would just be this penis sitting in the middle of the road. But they were monster penises so if you didn't know what they were they just looked odd. But we got in a little trouble with the town over the monster penises. Well you know these folks, "I don't know what you do in California but you don't do that around here in front of our women. If I see that monsters thing in my face again there's going to be trouble." You know that kind of thing. You're working some where you can't get in a fight with everybody. You kind of depend on the kindness of strangers so you have to say, "No sir I won't do that again." Then I told everyone to be careful and not put the monster penis in front of this place and then later in the afternoon I turn around and boom there are monsters sitting on the plastic chairs fan in lap right in from of the guys house, sticking out. But everything worked out in the end. Feast II: Sloppy Secondsis out on DVD today and it's literally buckets monster barf worth of fun. Each little character is truly out of the warped minds of Gulager, Dunstan and Melton. The death count is high and no one is exempt from the monster madness. After viewing the movie I can easily agree with Gulager that the baby is my favorite character as well. It's sloppy, messy full of boobs and gore, but at least Gulager knows how to make his movies stand out from the piles of other horror direct to DVDs. It drags in a few places and sometimes it's hard to follow the action but the glimmering moments of skin melting vomit and the little introductions into every character's life is the perfect example of what makes Feast 2 special, and here is io9's own little intro to the town's meth head:


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I guess I am going to be in the minority on this film.

I thought it was pretty much awful, my friend Tim Ritter made better movies in high school.

I mean the creatures are one sized at first, but that is actually road kill (or something), but when they grab the kid, it is with the road kill pieces. It just didn't make any sense.

So yeah, I am going to skip this one.