Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

Ralph Macchio might have been the hero...but in any semblance of real life, all the crane poses in the world wouldn’t stop that blonde goober from kicking his ass. Which is exactly what John Cena does. “What the butt?”

A skit from Saturday’s sort-of lackluster episode of Saturday Night Live featured an oddball tribute to the big fight scene from The Karate Kid. In this version, called “The Karate Teen,” an overly optimistic Mikey Day takes on Cena as the typical 1980s fighting bully. Day gets advice from a white-bearded Kenan Thompson on how to emerge as the victor using the power he had inside him all along...only yeah, it’s not exactly effective. Cena literally pummels him out of his pants and presumably screws his girlfriend afterward. Wolf Claw!