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Wall-E director Andrew Stanton has been talking about his upcoming adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' John Carter of Mars, clarifying what we should expect to see in the movie - and in how many dimensions.


Stanton spilled many beans - and corrected many rumors - during the Santa Barbara Film Festival this weekend. He revealed that, despite what many thought, Carter would not be a Pixar movie, but instead come out under the Disney banner, even though it will be created using a lot of Pixar talent. The script is already in its second draft, and Stanton expects the movie to have a shorter development time than his animated movies due to his long-standing love of the original stories; he joked that he's been developing the movie in his head since childhood.

The look of the film will be "very real," and not highly-stylized, due to what Stanton sees as the way the original story has been ripped off by many different movies over the years; it'll also be a faithful retelling, with Carter remaining the Civil War soldier that he was in Burroughs' original. Again, despite what many have been saying, the film will be both live action and not shot in 3-D (although he feels that Disney may end up disagreeing with him on that latter point), and he's suitably daunted by the prospect of live action directing, commenting that,

It is huge, it is exciting, it scares the crap out of me. It’s either going to make me or break me.


We're betting on the former; Stanton is a very talented man, and this continues to look like the ideal movie for him.

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