John Carter trailer rips you open with the sword of Martian awesomeness

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Here it is: the first trailer for Andrew Stanton's huge adaptation of Edgar Rice Burroughs' Martian epic, featuring John Carter of Mars. It's chock full of swordplay, heroic destiny, cool-looking ships, and insane Martian vistas. Can we wait? We cannot.


The music is apparently Peter Gabriel doing a cover of Arcade Fire — which is awesome, although I'd love to see a version of this trailer with a bit more metal in it. Maybe Garrison Dean could be convinced to knock something together?

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Watch the trailer in HD at the link. [Apple]

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Historical sci-fi epic with Peter Gabriel's cover of The Arcade Fire. I'm sold.

And just for those interested, the music comes from Gabriel's eighth studio album, Scratch My Back, an album of covers with nothing but orchestral music backing Gabriel's vocals. He covered David Bowie, Paul Simon, Elbow, Bon Iver, The Talking Heads, Lou Reed, The Magnetic Fields (which was featured in the second, proper, series finale of Scrubs, when J.D. is reminiscing about the future outside the hospital doors), Randy Newman, Regina Spektor, Neil Young, and Radiohead. It was initially planned that a follow-up album, I'll Scratch Yours, would quickly follow, featuring the artists Gabriel covered covering one of his songs, however that seems to have lagged, though a number of songs has been released as double A-side singles with the Scratch My Back songs, including Stephin Merritt of the Magnetic Fields covering "Not One of Us", Paul Simon covering "Biko", Bon Iver doing "Come Talk to Me", Lou Reed doing "Solsbury Hill", Elbow doing "Mercy Street", and David Byrne of The Talking Heads doing "I Don't Remember". David Bowie declined to do a cover and Radiohead withdrew from doing a cover after hearing Gabriel's version of their song, which really made me lose respect for them. Gabriel will also be following Scratch My Back with the album New Blood (the name he gave his orchestra and orchestral tour) possibly this year, which will feature 12 of his songs done in the orchestral style, which were performed after he performed Scratch My Back (in its entirety) on the New Blood Tour.

And that's your Peter Gabriel history moment of the day.