John Carter Of Mars Set Photos Show Disney's Barsoom Creatures

Ten-foot-tall aliens ready to be ridden, massive alien statues, and sabretooth-like skulls litter the sets of Disney's John Carter of Mars movie. Check out the latest set pics and updates from the land of Barsoom.

Right now Andrew Stanton's John Carter is filming Lake Powell, Utah. And set pics and related images are starting to pour in. To hear locals tell it, Disney has all but taken over their town, setting up different prop shops and FX sets in various buildings. Sounds like the entire town is being transported, much like John Carter, to Mars.


Orlandi Statuary was contracted to mold a collection of sabertooth similar skulls and bones which were to be scattered about the desert during a fight scene. The company made hundreds of them, and everyone is speculating that these are most likely Banth bones, from the orange creature illustrated above by Michael Whelan. The picture shows it with Thuvia, maid of Mars, who was known for her mind-control over these creatures, which she kept as pets.

Next are a collection of set pics from John Carter Movie, which has plenty more insight and images for you to look at. Here's what we learned from their Utah sleuthing.

  • The first image is of a prop raft that floats, presumably for a water scene - our money is on a Mars canal moment, there are many on this planet.
  • The second picture has a small model of the temple to the Therns on the right hand side of the picture, in front of the arena. And here's the arena itself which John Carter Movie was told is being referred to as the "monkey arena" and you all know what that means, there may be giant white ape fights!
  • There are 20-foot-high statues of the Tharks - they're not green, but Mars rock red, although they do have four arms. Sadly, there are no pictures of these creations just yet. JCM suspects it's for the Thernian temple, which could be in one of the many pictures below of the far off buildings. Anything is possible the sets had plenty of green screens handy.
  • A set source spotted a 4-wheeler with "a saddle mounted about 10ft in air [and] they must be going to cg some animal under it." The news just keeps getting better.

Here are a few pics from set:

Finally one last bit of news from JCM - if you're worried about the costumes not being skimpy enough, fret no more. A local casting call asked for "good-looking, dark-haired, tan people ages 18-35 yrs old Male and Female." And the call requests that all extras turn in pictures that show off their figure - in fact they suggest the guys to just turn in shirtless pics altogether. Bring on the Martian fur and leather bikini parties.


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