John Carpenter Returns to Make the Newest Halloween Movie the Scariest

Image: Halloween H20, Dimension Films
Image: Halloween H20, Dimension Films

He’s back to fix what he started. The director, co-writer, and composer of the original 1978 horror movie, John Carpenter, is returning to the franchise he created, and will executive produce the tenth Halloween film.


The deal brings Miramax and Blumhouse together, so that Jason Blum, Malek Akkad, and John Carpenter will all work together on making this film. And also helping us forget that Rob Zombie once tried to remake it.

“Thirty-eight years after the original Halloween I’m going to help to try to make the 10th sequel the scariest of them all,” was Carpenter’s statement. That seems like a great, terrifying goal.


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What was wrong with the 1st Rob Zombie Halloween movie? I'll grant you that the 2nd one was kind of an acid trip with the white horse & his ghost mom & all that other weird shit that didn't make a fuck bit of sense to me. But the 1st one was a pretty solid movie to me.