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John Carpenter Hits the Streets for His New Music Video Tribute to Stephen King's Christine

Image: screen grab via YouTube
Image: screen grab via YouTube

As horror and scifi fans well know, John Carpenter isn’t just the director of genre classics like Halloween and Escape from New York—he’s also a killer musician who has created some of the most memorable movie scores ever. With that in mind, he’s shot a brand-new video for his theme to 1983's Christine.


This isn’t just a random choice that happens to tie in with all the It-related Stephen King madness swirling around lately. Carpenter, who previously released a pair of records titled Lost Themes—so named because the tracks sounded like his soundtracks, even though they were actually brand-new compositions—has another audio release on the horizon: Anthology: Movie Themes 1974-1998, due out October 20 on Sacred Bones.

The track listing reads like a film festival I would very much like to attend, and some lucky fans will actually get to see Carpenter perform the songs live when he hits the road again later this fall. But all Carpenter faithful can enjoy this dreamy musical tribute to the most malevolent 1958 Plymouth Fury ever.

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I’ve heard that Carpenter puts on a really great live show. Agh That synth sound is just beautiful. Would absolutely love to hear some of his work on his tour. Oh hey... that’s only an 8 hour drive to make a show. Frig.