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John Carpenter Has Developed Four New Horror and Science Fiction TV Shows

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Adjust your eye patches and put on your sunglasses, John Carpenter fans, for this great bit of news that shook loose from horror podcast Killer POV: the famed genre director (Halloween, The Thing, They Live, Escape from New York, Big Trouble in Little China) is making a serious foray into television.


Reported by both Blastr and Entertainment Weekly, the news drops straight from Carpenter’s wife and producing partner, Sandy King Carpenter, who said there are currently “four series waiting to go to network,” and that all of them “push the boundaries of what’s horror.”

If the series are picked up, she continued, John Carpenter would direct the pilots, and both Carpenters would serve as exec producers—and produce shows with varied content:

There’s sci-fi, there’s horror, there’s one that I guess would be [a] sci fi-horror futuristic kind of thing. They’re all across the board. I think they’ll fulfill what people expect out of him by also being unpredictable.


King Carpenter also noted that her husband, famed for his film-score compositions, might add some stateside shows to his first-ever live concert schedule; as yet, dates have only been announced in Iceland and the UK. Fingers crossed!

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Take the lead of Ash vs Evil Dead and make a Big Trouble TV series. I guess you can’t easily bring in Kurt Russell (though maybe...?) but recasting can work, or a new character could continue its spirit just fine.