John Boyega Says British Royalty Was Nearly in Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Last year while the next Star Wars was filming at Pinewood Studios in London, the galaxy far, far away was visited by Princes Harry and William. Instantly, rumors cropped up that the visit was more than just a set tour—and now, it seems John Boyega has confirmed that’s the case... except we might not see the royal Star Wars moment after all.


Speaking to BBC Radio 4 Today about his role in the new Kathryn Bigelow movie Detroit, Boyega briefly turned to Star Wars when asked about the Prince’s visit—and, in a fit of faux-frustration, revealed that he can’t hide their cameo any more. Except, he also adds that he believes the scene of the two, who were rumored to be clad in Stormtrooper armor, has been cut from the film (although admittedly, it’s in a jokey enough tone they could still be in it after all). You can hear the anecdote at 5:25 in the clip here, but here’s a transcript:

I think they took that scene out. I’ve had enough with those Prince William secrets man, because I swear—there was images or whatever online. They came on set, they were there, man. Tom Hardy was there too, man, I’ve said it!

... Someone leaked it or something, and then there was an image of some sort, and I was like ‘Damn!’ Every time I get asked I don’t know how to dodge it. Yeah, they were on set.

Boyega also offhandedly confirmed another oft-rumored cameo from the film: Tom Hardy. Hardy’s involvement is tied into one of the weirdest rumors we’ve heard about The Last Jedi so far, which claims that he’ll appear as Stormtrooper who comes across Finn while he’s disguised as a First Order officer—and, not realizing Finn has betrayed the First Order and is on a secret mission, slaps him on the butt and congratulates him on his promotion to the officer ranks.

God, I hope that cameo stays in the movie if true.

[BBC Radio 4]

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Quick tribute to royalty of the world having cameos in sci-fi/fantasy, I’ll kick it off with the only one I know.

Then-Prince-Now-King Abdulluh II of Jordan on Star Trek Voyager.

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