John Boyega Responds To 'Black Stormtrooper' Criticisms

Actor John Boyega has the perfect response to anyone struggling to accept the inclusion of a black stormtrooper in Star Wars: The Force Awakens.


Boyega's is the first face we see in the newly released trailer for Star Wars: Episode VII. The actor pops into frame sweaty, panting, and clad from the neck down in the distinctive (but subtly updated) plastoid armor of an Imperial stormtrooper. We were thrilled to see Boyega (dude killed it in Attack the Block), and excited to see him dressed in stormtrooper gear (NO MORE JANGO CLONES), but others have been less than pleased to see a black man dressed as an Imperial soldier.

Yesterday, Boyega responded to these criticisms in a brief postscript, appended to the end of a note thanking his supporters for their fan mail and fan art. It reads:

Thank you for all the love and support! The fan mail and fan art has added to my joy! Isn't it crazy that Star Wars is actually happening? I'm in the movie but as a star wars fan I am very excited. A year is a long time but it will be worth the wait.

To whom it may concern: Get used to it. :)

H/t Variety


Refresh my memory: Why is a black stormtrooper even raising a single eyebrow?