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The yawn-inducing still photo seen here was released yesterday as the first image from Joel Schumacher's new film Town Creek, about a brother who seeks revenge on a family who has been hiding the result of some of the Third Reich's experiments with the occult: a vampire. Not just any vampire, mind you, but a Nazi vampire. Since this is a vampire flick, we can only hope it will feature Shumacher's signature bat-nipples from Batman and Robin. But why can't Shumacher make a movie about real Nazi mad science, which was way creepier than vampires?


Hitler was apparently a nut on the subject of the occult, to borrow a phrase from Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark, and he had a crackpot team of Nazi scientists pursuing everything from human experimentation with brainwashing to looking for the mythic Spear of Destiny, which was the spear purported to have pierced Christ's side during the crucifixion. According to legend, whoever wielded the spear was unbeatable. That sounds like a much cooler subject for a movie than Nazi vamps, so let's hope Hollywood is paying attention.

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