Joel Hodgson Wants To Resurrect Mystery Science Theater 3000 In 2014

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Tucked away in this fantastic Wired article about the history of MST3K comes the amazing news that creator Joel Hodgson is trying to bring back the beloved series — this time online, and with a brand-new host.


Here's the proof:

[Wired:] But this year Mystery Science Theater may finally get a long-­rumored, heavily anticipated reboot. This spring Hodgson is hoping to start a new online incarnation of the show, one that will feature a fresh (and as-yet-unannounced) host and cameos from many MST3K alumni.

Hodgson: I've talked to a bunch of fans about their lives and what MST3K means to them. I'm overwhelmed by how people took to that show. It really affected them. I thought, if enough people still love it, maybe we can bring it back.

Even avid viewers sometimes don't realize that every major role in the show had been swapped out over time. So in my mind, the show is built to be refreshed with new people and new ideas. It's like Heisenberg's uncertainty principle as it applies to MST3K: If it doesn't change, it's not the same show. And fortunately for us, as long as there are movies, there are always going to be cheesy movies.


First of all, kudos to Hodgson for comparing MST3K to Heisenberg's uncertainty principle. Second of all, HELL YES.

Third of all, Netflix, Hulu, Microsoft and Sony, basically anyone looking into creating digital content would be FOOLS not to try and pick up a reincarnated MST3K. New host, new bots, doesn't matter — the fans will watch. Heck, I don't even think the host segments would be absolutely necessary; just give me good riffs, bad movies, and silhouettes in the corner and and I'm there.

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I'm all for it. As a lifelong (essentially) MST3k fan, I would love to see a new show. BUT! I have to say a few things. First of all, I am highly enjoying RiffTrax with Mike Nelson, Kevin Murphy (Tom Servo) and Bill Corbett (Crow) while I kinda couldn't stand Cinematic Titanic with Joel Hodgson, Trace Beaulieu (original Crow/Dr. Forrester), and Josh Winestein (original Tom). So, first off, without Mike Nelson involved, I'm undecided about how good a new show would be since Mike was the head writer for MST even back when Joel was hosting.

Secondly, there are, in my opinion, a couple reasons why MST is so loved and it would be very easy to mess these up with a reboot. The comedy on MST is really very clever. They never delve into potty humor or fart jokes unless there's a good reason for it, and even then very rarely. MST for its 10 year history, was able to walk a fine line between intelligent and wacky, and it was a huge part in shaping my sense of humor. It's probably why I'm a comedy snob now. (Sorry, Family Guy). For me, they'd have to maintain that kind of balance and it could be difficult in today's climate.

So, again, I would love to see a great reboot of the series. But, I'm not sure that's exactly what we'd get. And, also, I'm not entirely sure what would be offered that RiffTrax can't give except for nostalgic appearances from past MST characters.