Joe Morton plays Henry Deacon on mad scientist show Eureka, and his character is in many ways the moral center of the show. One of the most brilliant scientists in town, he's suffered great personal loss and prefers to spend his time tinkering in a garage in greasy overalls rather than stuffed into a white coat in a lab somewhere. Morton has also played some of the most iconic roles in science fiction: He's the scientist at Cyberdine who invents Skynet in Terminator 2; and he played an alien fleeing an oppressive planetary regime in John Sayles 1980s flick Brother from Another Planet. At the Sci-Fi/Entertainment Weekly party at Comic-Con, we asked him how he feels about playing "nerdy roles." He told us quite charmingly that he never plays nerds, and then gave us a taste of what's next on Eureka, in another clip below. In case you can't hear our question because the sound is a little fuzzed, we asked whether Eureka would be getting darker this season, resolving some of last season's issues and then starting a season-long plot arc. The new season of Eureka starts tonight on Sci-Fi channel, so catch Morton there and find out what's in store for our favorite non-nerdy mad scientist.

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