Joe Manganiello Will Play Deathstroke in the Batman Solo Movie

Image Credit: DC Comics/ACO and Getty images/Jason Kempin
Image Credit: DC Comics/ACO and Getty images/Jason Kempin

The character’s surprising arrival in the DCEU was only recently revealed, but now we know who’ll be playing the man behind Slade Wilson’s mask: True Blood’s Joe Mangienello.

Geoff Johns confirmed the casting as well as Deathstroke’s role in the Batman movie, first reported by The Wrap, to the Wall Street Journal in an interview today. Johns declined to confirm when the Batman film is planned to be released, or whether the blurry teaser footage posted by Ben Affleck last week was for the Batman film or for a cameo appearance in the currently-filming Justice League movie.


Manganiello was rumored for the role almost immediately after Affleck first revealed the footage, thanks to the actor’s presence in London (and, of course, because he followed director Zack Snyder on Twitter).

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Angrier Geek

Believe it or not, he’s a geek and has been trying to get a superhero movie for years (though he was Flash Thompson in the first Spider-Man movie), but the True Blood producers wouldn’t even let him talk to the film producers, seriously fucking up his career, because the man looks like a goddamn superhero! And while I’m glad he’s finally in the fold, I’m sad it’s not the role he was born to play: Hercules in a buddy adventure comedy alongside Chris Hemsworth’s Thor.