Joe Manganiello Is Set to Star in an Elijah Wood Produced Superhero Film

Did you think you’d never see Joe Manganiello as a superhero again?
Did you think you’d never see Joe Manganiello as a superhero again?
Image: Warner Bros.

Deathstroke who? It’s time for Max Fist.

The Hollywood Reporter has word that Joe Manganiello—who played the would-be archenemy in DC’s Justice League—will soon play another superhero in a new movie called Archenemy. It’ll be written and directed by Adam Egypt Mortimer and produced by Voltage Pictures and Spectrevision, the company behind Mandy, Color Out of Space, and Mortimer’s recent movie, Daniel Isn’t Real. Elijah Wood is among the Spectrevision producers, along with Daniel Noah, Lisa Whalen.

In the film, Manganiello plays Max Fist. And first of all, let’s pause and appreciate that name. Max. Fist. It basically needs that bit from The Simpsons where Homer changes his name to Max Power. Just... you know, with fists.


Fist is a man who claims to be a superhero from another dimension who, conveniently, does not have powers on our version of Earth. Obviously, no one believes that story...except a single teenager. To prove his point and save the day, Fist and the teen end up teaming up to take down some drug dealers in the process.

Archenemy is about finding the heroes amongst us, and within us, something that I think everyone can relate to in today’s world,” Voltage Pictures CEO Jonathan Deckter told the Hollywood Reporter. “We’re thrilled to add this fun, action-packed superhero to our diverse lineup and are excited to work with Adam and SpectreVision on our second film to bring this dynamic duo to the streets, and to our partners around the world.”

Few actors straight up look like superheroes on a daily basis like Manganiello does, and this premise sounds like a good opportunity to show his range, which can be seen in projects from Magic Mike to True Blood to Justice League. Color us interested!


Archenemy was announced at the American Film Market so it’s still in its infancy. No word on when production might begin, but we’ll bring you more as we learn it.

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Angrier Geek

Damnmit, Marvel! The man is so clearly perfect to play Hercules in a buddy film with Thor it’s not even funny (he’s 3 inches taller than Chris Hemsworth)! Just do it already!