Joe Manganiello Finds His Superhero Purpose in an Exclusive Clip from Archenemy

Joe Manganiello in Archenemy.
Joe Manganiello in Archenemy.
Photo: RLJE Films

Max Fist is lost. He claims to be a superhero from another dimension who mistakenly found himself on Earth, where he conveniently has no powers. He’s also not sure what he can do to help people anymore. That is, until he has an unexpected meeting, which you can watch in io9's exclusive clip from Adam Egypt Mortimer’s new film, Archenemy.


Joe Manganiello plays the amazingly named Max Fist in the latest from writer-director Mortimer (Daniel Isn’t Real). Archenemy comes to (open) theaters and on-demand December 11, and io9 is excited to debut an intriguing clip from the film. In it, you’ll see Fist meeting Hamster (Skylan Brooks). Hamster is the only person who believes Max’s story and at this moment that relationship begins to blossom. Check it out.

The other character in the scene is the skeptical Indigo, played by Zolee Griggs. The rest of the film’s cast includes Amy Seimetz and Glenn Howerton.

While we have yet to watch Archenemy we are absolutely in love with the concept, and the few reviews that have made their way onto Rotten Tomatoes are all positive. It seems like whether Max Fist ends up as a real superhero or not, Mortimer has crafted a unique twist on the genre.

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Man, every time I hear about Manganiello I mourn for the Deathstroke that could have been. Dude would have been amazing.