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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Jodie Foster joins Sharlto Copley and Matt Damon in Elysium, Neil Blomkamp's hard science fiction follow-up to District 9. Doctor Who might be headed to a medieval castle. Plus the V cast talks at length about tonight's season premiere. Spoilerbunga!


Jodie Foster has reportedly committed to Neil Blomkamp's hard science fiction follow-up to District 9. We don't know anything about her role and not much more about the movie itself - there's some thought the movie is set in the far future, but that's just speculation. The cast is also supposed to include District 9 star Sharlto Copley and Matt Damon - although I don't think it's been confirmed that he's actually on board just yet. [Deadline]


Green Lantern

Here's another tie-in toy for the upcoming movie. This particular Green Lantern is Rot Lop Fan, a blind creature from the lightless void of the Obsidian Deeps. Because he has no concept of sight, he understands his Green Lantern duties in terms of sound, referring to the corps as the F Sharp Bell Corps. All of this is from a very excellent little Alan Moore story from the 1980s. At any rate, this seems like a decently good sign that Rot Lop Fan will have at least a cameo appearance in the movie. [ComicBookMovie]

Illustration for article titled Jodie Foster joins District 9 directors next movie, Elysium. Plus Doctor Who resumes filming!

Doctor Who

Filming resumes today on series six, with production likely resuming on Matthew Graham's two-parter for episodes five and six. It's believed that the cast and crew are headed to St. Donats in the vale of Glamorgan, Wales, which among other things is home to a medieval castle. In all likelihood, we'll have lots of set photos coming in by the end of the day, so we'll know more very soon. [Life, Doctor Who, and Combom]


It's been known for a while that Neil Gaiman's episode features characters called Auntie and Uncle, and that Elizabeth Berrington is playing Auntie. Now we know who is alongside her as Uncle, as Adrian Schiller, mostly a stage actor, has updated his CV to include this upcoming role. [Doctor Who Spoilers]

True Blood

Next season will apparently see a big storyline in which vampire attacks start showing up on YouTube - although how that can be any worse than the time Russell Edgington ripped a newsreader's spine out on live TV and then ranted about how vampires will eat all human children is really anybody's guess. The eloquent Mr. Edgington is not behind these latest videos, although he might be back for an episode or two next season. Here's the roundup of some more spoilers:

In an early episode, Pam is going to get a "hot and stupid" sack o' meat to chew on who actually enjoys being bitten. And Tommy will get an intriguing offer from a prospector. Producers are also casting a Spanish-speaking badass chiquita who'll be a recurring role in episodes two through six.


[E! Online]

No Ordinary Family

Here's a synopsis, promo, and photos for tonight's episode, "No Ordinary Friends": [Daemon's TV]

After Jim saves Dave Cotten's (Ricky Schroder) life, he and Stephanie become fast friends with Dave, his wife, Michelle (Annie Wersching, "24″) and their kids. But Jim begins to suspect that the Cottens may be leading their own secret lives. Meanwhile, Daphne throws her hat into the high school ring for student council president, and Katie reveals a secret to Stephanie about her relationship with Joshua – aka The Watcher.


The January premiere, which finds the Winchesters on the trail of a virgin-eating dragon, will also feature a lot of friction between the two brothers, with their relationship still in a very damaged state. [E! Online]


Being Human

Here's a look behind-the-scenes at the third series of the BBC original: [SpoilerTV]


Here's another promo for tonight's season premiere, "Red Rain": [Daemon's TV]

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There's a ton of cast interviews out today. First up is Laura Vandervoort, who plays Lisa:

Lisa decided to support The Fifth Column and kill her mother's embryos. How is this going to play out for her? How serious is she about this?
Well, they were just simple decisions like taking up with her mother's enemies and killing her brothers and sisters. She's been dealing with quite a bit in the last season and this season for sure doesn't get any easier. She even has more weight on her shoulders, but she does make some definite decisions and decides which side she's permanently on. The decisions do affect her this season, but she's also going through, I guess I've been calling V puberty. She's fertile this season and that's kind of affecting this season and that's affecting her judgment and she's physically changing to be a bit more of the lizard skin for her. She's struggling with that and her urges, the more animalistic side of her. She's got to keep that in check. So she's dealing with quite a bit this season.

And she's still being groomed to be queen–she's a queen in waiting, right?
Oh, yes. She's still queen in waiting and she's still hiding everything from her mother. She's being very careful, but the thing is that this season you don't know who you can trust because people you expect are one side might be on another. Things are changing quickly in every episode and you really have to keep track of who has relationships with whom.


There's much more at the link. [Daemon's TV]

Now for an interview with Jane Badler, in which she talks a little more about this new incarnation of Diana:

How is your character re-introduced as Anna's mom?
I think it's a really powerful thing. It's a whole Greek tragedy, mother-daughter. I was the queen before her. She imprisoned me. She put me in a dungeon, and everyone thinks that I am dead. And so she has become the new queen. Very early on, she comes to visit to me, so that's when it is revealed that I am alive. It's a whole power play – my different ways of ruling versus her ways of ruling. They make me out to be the more benevolent of the two. And perhaps I am, but I'm also the queen. That carries arrogance with it. It's not just all nice. It also is revealed why I can't leave the dungeon, which is all kind of exciting, too. There are lots of special effects.

Where is the dungeon?
I'm in the bowels of the ship.. But in the hole where I live, they have recreated it like our planet. It's like this extra-terrestrial terrain. It's really cool.

Do you undermine Anna?
Yes. It does take a while but once people come to visit me by mistake, once people enter my lair...I can't say what happens, but it's huge last episode and hopefully viewers will flock to see the show because it will be amazing.


She also said that she always figured hers was just a one-season character, but if the response is positive to her character (and, more importantly, to the show), then she might come back for a third season. [EW]

Finally, Scott Wolf describes what's next for the show's resident sleazy newsman, Chad Decker:

Who is Chad spending the most time with in that first episode?
Chad spends most of his time in the first episode speaking with Father Jack. That doesn't necessarily mean anything… [Laughs] What will hopefully remain fun about Chad is that he's always - people are who they are. He's built a certain way and he wants certain things out of his lifetime. That, for the most part, isn't going to change much, how he functions in the world. But the way he uses who he is could change given what he's found out. For me, I feel like what will continue to be enjoyable about playing the character is that he's vulnerable. Playing a character like that is fun: there are no absolutes for him. Every other character has some sort of absolute value. Anna will do anything to take care of her people. Erica will do anything for Tyler. Ryan would have done anything for Val, and now, could do anything for his baby. We haven't seen that Chad has anything in his life that he would do anything for, and it'll be interesting to see if the character finds that through our story.

I can tease that Chad, in episode two, for the first time, I'm going to be involved in a stunt. That's very exciting! I just spend all my time yapping…

There's talk about Chad's father coming into play this season, right?
I know a little bit about it. There are a couple of stories midway through the season that involve Chad, and both sound pretty exciting. The father one is pretty great. All I know is a little more than I can tell you. [Laughs] Meeting him explains a lot about why Chad is the person he is in the world, why he's made some of the decisions he's made. His dad is in a position of power, so it won't just be a private Chad-and-his-father side story; it'll be part of the big fabric of the Visitors and how the government interacts with them and all these kinds of things. I'm excited about it. The first season is really just the big building blocks of a story, and now things get a lot more personal and specific. Ultimately, the plot of our story is pretty cool and you can only really get as involved as much as you care about the characters and relationships. I'm excited that about a year now, it'll still have incredible story, but it'll be rooted a lot more in why these people are who they are and why they're making the decisions they've made, why they're heroes or villains.


Wolf has a lot more refreshingly frank things to say about the show and his character, so check out the link for the whole interview. [Spinoff Online]

Finally, there aren't any new spoilers here, but for a good round-up of what to expect from season 2, check out TV Guide.



Chloe will still be friends with Clark when she returns, and Clark will be getting his trademark glasses in the near future. Also, we can expect more Darkseid later on this season. [E! Online]


Additional reporting by Michael Ann Dobbs and Charlie Jane Anders.

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