Jodie Foster as Hotel Artemis’ enigmatic nurse.
Jodie Foster as Hotel Artemis’ enigmatic nurse.
Image: Global Road Entertainment
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We’ve been hearing about Iron Man 3 screenwriter Drew Pearce’s directorial debut for a while now, but we finally have a look at the dystopian future of Hotel Artemis in action—and its pretty amazing cast of criminals.

It’s set in 2028, in a Los Angeles that’s being torn apart by rioting. Hotel Artemis follows Foster’s enigmatic healer, known in the criminal underworld as the Nurse. The Nurse, turns out, runs a secret hospital for wounded crooks under the very strict rules that its patients are both polite to the staff patching them up and, well... aren’t criminals during their stay. No weapons, no killing each other, nothing like that (kind of like the Continental in John Wick). But when a gang (led by Black Panther’s Sterling K. Brown) looking for sanctuary in Hotel Artemis after a heist brings the wrath of a big-name gangster down on the Nurse, a few of those rules are about to get broken.

Yes, it’s a little John Wick-esque, but the fun near-future twists—a bank vault hidden inside a pen, Brown’s character 3D printing himself a gun when shit hits the fan—makes us hope for a few more scifi embellishments in the full movie. But even that aside, this is a hell of a cast... who doesn’t want to see Jeff Goldblum as a charismatic criminal overlord? We can’t wait to see more.


Hotel Artemis, also starring Sofia Boutella, Dave Bautista, and Charlie Day, is set to hit theaters June 8.

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