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JL8 creator Yale Stewart is writing a series of Superman kids' books

Illustration for article titled emJL8/em creator Yale Stewart is writing a series of Superman kids books

One of the best things to come out of the DC Universe recently is Yale Stewart's touching and funny fan webcomic JL8, which imagines the members of the Justice League as eight-year-olds. Soon Stewart will have a series of licensed DC children's books on the shelves: The Amazing Adventures of Superman.


Stewart posted an image of Superman's shield to Instagram a while back, saying that he had just finished his first children's book, and today Bleeding Cool pointed to a listing on Amazon for The Amazing Adventures of Superman by Yale Stewart, published by Capstone Publishing.


We reached out to Capstone Publishing, who sent us info on four titles from The Amazing Adventures of Superman: Alien Superman! featuring Wonder Woman and Lex Luthor; Battle of the Superheroes! featuring Batman, the Flash, and Clayface; Creatures from Planet X! featuring Green Lantern; and Escape from Future World! featuring Brainiac and Cyborg. Rather than comics, the books are illustrated early chapter books for young readers, and feature adult versions of the characters. A representative from Capstone says they will be carrying the titles this coming fall.

Marvel announced in November that Stewart would be handling art duties on Nova #100, but given his obvious affinity for the Justice League, it's great to see that he's getting an officially licensed DC project as well. I can only hope that this means we'll see Stewart coming out with more work in the vein of JL8—and getting paid to do it.

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YES!!! YES!!!!

So fucking excite for this guy getting some freaking great jobs.....Now, to hope that JL8 doesn't become a cluster fudge with DC.