JK Rowling's children probably get a little bit more of the Hogwarts magic than your average child does, and it looks like Rowling's latest property improvement project will bring them even more Harry Potter whimsy. Rowling has filed for permission to build a pair of fantasy treehouse towers in her back garden.

Rowling filed plans with the City of Edinburgh to add these two treehouses, to be constructed by luxury treehouse builder Blue Forest. The towers look like they would make cozy wizards' homes, but they also come with a few tweaks that would make Fred and George Weasley grin. A secret tunnel will lead up to the treehouses, one of which features a trap door and a fireman's pole for easy escapes. The construction will cost in the neighborhood of £150,000.


We can see the plans for these elaborate playhouses as a matter of public record, but I'm really curious about what they'll look like on the inside. Will the interiors similarly evoke a Potter-like sense of fancy? It's a shame we'll probably never get a tour.

Images by Blue Forest, filed with the Edinburgh City Council.

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