JJ Abrams Tells io9 How to Make a Monster Awesome

After JJ Abrams had finished answering all the official questions about his new series Fringe, and his upcoming Star Trek prequel, I had just one crucial burning question left. About monsters. Abrams is known for being a monster-lover — after all, he helped conceive of Clovie from Cloverfield — and I needed to know just one thing. Here's his answer, in the video above.


What was the blueprint for Fringe? Abrams told reporters earlier that it came from a student film he'd done that was a comedy version of Altered States.

Fringe sounds great and all, but if Abrams really wants to give us something cool, he'll redo that slapstick version of Altered States one day — maybe with a little music? Who doesn't want to see a guy singing about regressing to homo erectus?


As far as I know, the Smoke Monster hasn't eaten anyone yet. Way to stick to your own rules, JJ!