JJ Abrams' Newest Force For Change Tweet Hints At A Major Ep. 7 Spoiler

Every time J.J. Abrams has discussed the "Force for Change" charity event, he's revealed something about Star Wars: Episode VII — , the new look of the X-Wing... something. Now he's announced the winner with the above picture... and it may have confirmed one of the movie's biggest — and weirdest — rumors.


Potential spoilers for Episode VII ahead.

The rumors being that Episode VII would kick off when Luke's lightsaber-wielding hand from Empire Strikes Back lands on a remote planet and is found by two new young protagonists, who decide to find the missing Jedi. Obviously, Abrams has tweeted a picture of a robot hand... which, if you look closely, seems to have the same sort of piston-mechanism inside it as Luke's robotic hand from the end of ESB.


So is Abrams' new photo a sign that the rumors are true? Is he just fucking with us? Is it both? I'm honestly not even going to pretend to guess. On the less theoretical side, at least we can confirm one thing — D.C. Barns is the newest member of the Episode VII cast, as he won the cost and an on-screen role. Here's the video of him discovering he's won:

And in the best news of all, the charity event raised more than $5 million for UNICEF, too. You know, whether Abrams really is just messing with us, it's much more pleasant to be messed with on behalf of a good cause.


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