Jin Explains To io9 Why We Haven't Seen The Last Of Him

We got in the chapped face of the wonderful Daniel Dae Kim who plays beloved castaway Jin on Lost. Kim answered all of our burning questions on this season's Lost, Spoilers!

There is a lot of speculation about how you actually ended up on the island again with the time loop and the helicopter and the freighter not showing up again. Did the writers try to explain that to you?

Well that's one of the question I had for them when I saw them last week. Because there are so many different ways it could have happened, I wanted to know the scoop. This is actually the first time I'm talking about this. But, I was carried with the island through time. I was blown off the ship and I was floating on my own. But I was within the radius of the island's time travel abilities. So I went with the island. I was always in the water and I time traveled with them.


So the island didn't select you over the people in the helicopter? You were in the radius.

I was in the radius, but that's a good question though.

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