Jimmy Fallon Gives Mark Ruffalo an Avengers-Related Lie Detector Test

Mark Ruffalo, struggling with the truth.
Mark Ruffalo, struggling with the truth.
Image: NBC/Screencap via YouTube

Mark Ruffalo’s propensity for spoilers is, at this point, beyond a running gag, even though, so far as we know, he’s been on his best behavior regarding Avengers: Endgame. And while that joke may be losing its luster, this one still got a few laughs out of me.


In his most recent appearance on The Tonight Show, Mark Ruffalo was subjected to a lie detector test by Jimmy Fallon, wired into the machine like an old-timey murder suspect. Then, of course, Fallon asked him about the Avengers movie, and Ruffalo, noticeably incredibly nervous, does his best not to give anything away.

This, then, is the apotheosis of spoiler culture: a man on national television, tied to a lie detector, trying to keep secrets he knows he can’t hold in. It’s almost bleak, until it’s very funny. Watch to learn what suggestions about the movie probably aren’t true (but do make Mark Ruffalo very nervous), and to find out which Avenger Mark Ruffalo thinks is prettier than him.

Avengers: Endgame hits theaters April 26, 2019.

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Chick Counterfly

I’m no expert on polygraph testing, but that was clearly just a prop, right? I am a wee bit of an expert on props, though, and the way Fallon attached the leads, BP cuff, etc. to Ruffalo looked silly, as did the way the timing of the big, red light flashed off and on in order to make the gag work as opposed to being related to his actual answers.

(I’ll take my answer off the air so that if you want to respond directly to the article if you know that that’s not how a polygraph machine works or if, to my surprise, it was actually legitimate. I think it is important that people reply in the comments to the articles about their veracity so that other readers come away with an understanding of what is fact and what is not, and if the original writer does not address that, then commenters with knowledge on the topic can actively help the other readers. This website is about many things, including science fiction and science, after all. Thanks!)