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Jessica Lange will face off against Kathy Bates on American Horror Story

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It's always a treat to watch Jessica Lange steal her scenes week after week on American Horror Story, but in Season Three she's going to have some extra competition for the must-watch crown. Kathy Bates is joining the AHS cast, and she'll be spending loads of time alongside Lange.


TV Line reports that the Misery star will play Lange's best friend-turned-nemesis in the show's third season. Executive producer Ryan Murphy has already announced that Lange will play a "glamour cat" character to return some of Lange's fun Season One panache. We also know that this season will be set in the modern day, though it will be more historical in tone than Season Two, with plenty of jumps to different time periods, as well as different cities. And Murphy says this season will be funnier than the last.

Funny and Kathy Bates as Jessica Lange's best frenemy? Season Three is shaping up to be exciting indeed. But will Lange be able to keep Bates away from the sledgehammers?


American Horror Story Season 3 Pits Jessica Lange Against… Kathy Bates! [TV Line via EW]

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First season was great, second season is horrible. I may make it through to the end but unless S3 hooks me in the first episode I'll stop watching. Kathy Bates is great but she can't save the show.