Jessica Jones Star to Join Arrow as the Human Target

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Wil Traval is moving from one comic book show to another—and from Marvel to DC. He’ll be guest-starring in the next season of Arrow as Christopher Chance, a comic book hero who’s already come to live-action not once, but twice.


Traval, likely best known to readers as Jessica Jones’ Will “Nuke” Simpson, will appear in the fifth episode of Arrow season five according to TV Line as Christopher Chance, the Human Target. In the comics—most notably in an excellent run at Vertigo written by Peter Milligan—Chance was a private investigator and bodyguard who would assume the identity of clients that been targeted by assassins and criminals. On the show, he’ll be doing the same—with Mayor Oliver Queen his latest client.

This isn’t actually the first time the Human Target has come to TV. There was a 1990 pilot based on the character, starring Rick Springfield, and a later series aired in 1992 for just seven episodes. Then Mark Valley portrayed the character for two seasons on Fox between 2010 and 2011. Let’s hope Chance’s latest iteration on TV lasts a little while longer!

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Aw man now I’m bummed all over again that Human Target was cancelled. And pissed that season 2 has never been made avaliable on DVD. I wants it.