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Jessica Jones Caused a Ton of People to Google 'Octopus DNA'

Jessica Jones (Kristen Ritter) checks out an aquarium for a hot lead.
Jessica Jones (Kristen Ritter) checks out an aquarium for a hot lead.
Screenshot: Netflix

Netflix’s Jessica Jones might be a show about superpowers, genetic experiments, and surviving on Slim Jims, but it’s also got some real science in there. This was recently put to the test, as one character’s monologue about octopus DNA resulted in a massive Googling for information about cephalopods—prompting Jessica herself to respond by airing someone else’s dirty laundry. Did we expect anything less?

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In the fifth episode of season two, aptly named “AKA The Octopus,” Jessica (Kristen Ritter) questions the man who wrongly confessed to murdering a nurse from IGH, the group that gave Jessica her powers, to get more information about their activities. At first, Dave (Daniel Everidge), is reluctant to cooperate, partially due to his mental state. That is, until Jessica starts asking him about the octopus he was coloring, prompting him to go on an eventually helpful tangent about octopus DNA.


As pointed out by The Wrap, the science checks out, something lots of people were apparently eager to find out for themselves. One Twitter user noted the spike in Google searches for “octopus DNA” right around the season debut.

This wasn’t lost on the (pitch perfect) Jessica Jones Twitter account, which marked the Googling surge by sharing a new detail about Whizzer, a fellow superpowered person who was killed in the first episode. Let’s just say this wasn’t “exactly” something we wanted to know about the guy.


Poor fellow. Even in death he can’t catch a break.

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instead of checking out DNA check out the long island aquarium in riverhead NY! that entire scene in the episode was shot there. i’ve taken my kids there a few times. it was funny because i was watching this exact episode last night and the minute i saw here in the first shot standing in front of the shark tanks i was like “i know that place.”

the liberties they took was the exterior shot of some other place and the inclusion of the octopus they were looking at. iirc there is only one octopus display and he’s normally hiding in the rocks and purple looking on the side of one of the walls.