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Jessica Chastain transforms into Brave's Princess Merida

Illustration for article titled Jessica Chastain transforms into emBraves/em Princess Merida

HOLY cow Jessica Chastain looks astoundingly similar to Disney Princess Merida. Disney fairy tale photographer Annie Leibovitz created a pretty compelling recreation of Merida, thanks to Jessica Chastain and a gigantic ginger wig. The similarity is striking — she even has the same smirk!

WHERE YOUR DESTINY AWAITS — In a new image by acclaimed photographer Annie Leibovitz unveiled today by Disney Parks, Jessica Chastain stars as the adventurous princess, Merida, from 'Brave.' The newest 'Disney Dream Portrait' from Leibovitz was commissioned by Disney Parks for their ongoing celebrity advertising campaign which debuted in 2007. The image, which will appear in the February issue of 'O – The Oprah Magazine,' is entitled, 'Where your destiny awaits.' (Annie Leibovitz for Disney Parks).


[Via The Disney Blog]

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The photoshoppery in that is comedic. C'mon, Annie, you're getting awfully lazy.