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Alex Graves has been chosen to direct the pilot for Day One, the new show from Heroes and Lost's Jesse Alexander. Click through to find out why this is good news and get Alexander's take.


The announcement of Graves' involvement shows not only the faith that NBC have in the show's success, but also almost guarantees a season pick-up for the show. As the Hollywood Reporter notes, Graves - whose resume includes episodes of Fringe, Journeyman and The West Wing as both director and producer - has gathered a bit of a reputation when it comes to directing pilots:

Last season, Graves directed and exec produced Fox's two-hour, $10 million pilot for "Fringe." The helmer is on a hot streak, with three consecutive pilots he directed — "Fringe," NBC's "Journeyman" and ABC's "The Nine" — going to series.


So how does Day One's creator feel about this choice? We asked him, and this is what he had to say:

Alex Graves is a brilliant filmmaker. An artist and a craftsman. Like me — he walked into a movie theater in May of 1977 and fell in love with making movies. I'm the luckiest guy ever to have Alex directing Day One.

We have to admit it; Fringe's director working on a script from Lost and Heroes's writer? We're kind of excited about this one.

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