This is fine.
Photo: Netflix

The final season of Jessica Jones arrives at the end of the week, and one of its major arcsā€”set up in previous seasonsā€”involves the inevitable growing conflict between Jessica (Krysten Ritter) and her newly-superpowered adoptive sister, Trish (Rachael Taylor).

The new clip shows the moment Jess confronts Trish about those Hellcat-ish powers, how she got them, and how theyā€™ve changed herā€”not to mention forever altering the dynamic between the two of them, something that was already pretty FUBAR after what happened with Jessā€™ mother last season. Somewhat unusual for Jessica Jones, thereā€™s no actual physical brawling in this exchange, though the emotional tension between the two women is knife-edge sharp.


Jessica Jonesā€™ third and final season hits Netflix on June 14.

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