Jerry Lewis As Mork From Ork

While these days Jerry Lewis is known for the mutant proportions his cranium has taken on from steroid use, he was also known back in 1960 as synonymous with bad science fiction movies. Visit To A Small Planet was so horrible that it had to be tacked onto The Bellboy as a double feature in order to get people to watch it. You can probably see why from the trailer above.

In the movie, Lewis plays Kreton, an alien from another planet who comes to Earth to study humankind, and ends up falling in love with a girl. However, he's surrounded by a force field which prevents him from touching humans (his race has outlawed all forms of affection), and he has to lobby the elders to make him human. They do, but then he decides he can't deal with jealousy and sadness, and returns to his planet. What a crybaby. Strangely enough, this is based on a Broadway play from Gore Vidal, who is probably an alien as well.


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