Jerry Bruckheimer's Evil-Science Show Plays It Safe

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So we mentioned in morning spoilers the other day that Jerry Bruckheimer's oh-no-science show Eleventh Hour was doing a Dollhouse. That is, the mad-science show's original pilot is getting pushed back to become its second or third episode, because its hard-hitting storyline about abuses of science was too dark and controversial. And now we know what the show's new pilot, which is supposed to be sunnier and less edgy, will be about. Click through to discover the acceptable face of weird science, with spoilers. Eleventh Hour, of course, is the American remake of a short-lived British show starring Patrick Stewart as a government scientist who's brought in at the "eleventh hour" to solve science crimes that are getting out of hand. The British version spent its entire run telling people it wasn't a Doctor Who clone, and then it went away. So the original opening episode was about cloning, and particularly a "man who's trying to clone his dead son." Dr. Jacob Hood (Rufus Sewell) and his sexy bodyguard (Marley Shelton from Grindhouse) investigate after a bunch of identical dead babies turn up somewhere. Here's a prmo video that highlights the storyline:

What was too edgy about this plot? The human cloning? The dead babies? Or just the focus on human reproductive issues? So what's the new first episode about? The studio released this synopsis:

"Agro" - When multiple cases of food-related paralysis are reported in northern California, Dr. Jacob Hood, Special Science Advisor to the FBI, is called upon to investigate, on the premiere of ELEVENTH HOUR, Thursday, Oct. 9 (10:00-11:00 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network


I'm guessing the food-related paralysis has something to do with genetically modified foods. Especially with the title "Agro." Although since it's Northern California, maybe it's some kind of evil organic produce company that's paralyzing its local customers? (Why would genetically modified foods only paralyze people in one location?) The episode's cast include scientists, agents, a "biochem geek," a reporter, a cop, a foreman, a "resident," and a couple of EMTs. [Spoiler TV]



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