Jericho's Wildest Cliffhanger (Sort Of) Yet

Wow. Just when I thought last night's episode of Jericho was giving me just a little bit too much wish-fulfillment, it gave me a little more, and then a little more than that... until I was choking on it. Jericho was once again dark and twisted, but in a different way than the show's usual post-nuclear-attack evil conspiracy mongering. It was disturbing enough that I almost forgave the show for how convenient it all was. Almost.

So I guess it makes sense to get Goetz out of the way before the show's final two episodes, sort of like a movie polishing off the small baddie before we get to the big monster in the end. And once again, the cute girl is the one who turns out to have the stomach to do what's necessary. I wonder if the Ravenwood soldiers knew they were leaving Goetz and his buddies to die by stranding them like that. And then the whole sequence where the New Bern and Jericho guys argue over custody of Goetz until Stanley just walks up and pops him, is pretty classic. The wish-fulfillment overload comes somewhere around that time, and peaks when you see his desecrated corpse hanging over the front gate of New Bern.


He really did deserve it, though.

Hawkins' awfully convenient informant turns out to be even more convenient than usual in this episode, and then reconstructing the evidence of Goetz's misdeeds and getting it to the right person also seems to be a surprising snap. Most of all, though, the episode required Goetz to be kind of stupid — which I can accept, since his character was always portrayed as a bit of a moron. Why would he even want to embezzle newfangled paper money when he could take whatever goods and services he wanted?


Once again, the episode raised some fun questions about the legitimacy of government. Goetz is just a rampaging psycho with some military hardware when we first meet him in season one. And then in season two, he's suddenly the law, with the full force of the new government behind him. Until he screws up, when he goes back to being just a random psycho, except without quite so much hardware this time. It only takes a little pilfering, or a $10,000 sex worker, and your legitimacy goes poof.

So next week it seems like things will crank into top gear on the main conspiracy plot, and Beck will finally stop being such a softie. But I'll be sorely disappointed if there isn't some kind of surprise regarding Hawkins' miracle helper.

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@reddingofish: I agree with you there. The worst ever was in the movie Saw. "you know you are holding a shotgun, if you just shot him this would be all over."

Lost has a little bit of that too with Ben.