Jericho Greets Its New Military-Industrial Overlords

Colonel Hoffman tries to draft Jake as sheriff in the first episode of Jericho season two, which airs in mid-February. The first season of Jericho dealt with the collapse of old institutions like government and finance, and now season two will deal with the things that try to replace them, says producer John Steinberg. Jericho's near-cancellation, which shortened the second season, may turn out to be the best thing that ever happened to the show. Read on for why.

Steinberg says the show's writers had planned a 22-episode second season, but CBS only greenlit seven episodes. So they had to condense their story into a mini-series.


The military, led by Hoffman, will maintain its presence in Jericho after the big battle at the end of season one. And a new multinational organization, Jennings & Rall (with its own fake web site), will set up shop in the town as well. So you have quasi-martial law and a monolithic new capitalism trying to replace the old government and economy. The people of Jericho have to decide whether to resist their new overlords, or "learn to deal with" them, says Steinberg. [BuddyTV]

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