Jericho Can't Stop Coming Back

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Despite being canceled twice, it's sounding like CBS' Jericho may be headed back to television screens again, to wrap up loose ends left over from the cliffhanger at the end of last season. Why won't this show die?


SciFi Wire cites star Lennie James - Robert Hawkins in the series - as the origin of these latest rumors. Talking at a press event earlier this week, he told reporters,

While we were [at Comic-Con], Karim [Zreik], one of the producers, said that the idea of a movie is still on the cards... They're just trying to come up with the two-hour story that's worth telling. So that's where they are at the moment. But it's still on the cards, and people are still interested.


If the movie gets made, we're wondering just what plots it would resolve. After all, the main cliffhangers are theoretically due to be resolved in Devil's Due Publishing's comic Jericho Season 3: Civil War, which launches in October, written by show writers Dan Shotz and Robert Levine... Unless both are supposed to run concurrently, in which case, could we see more of Jericho now that it's been canceled than we did when it was still a going concern?

Is a Jericho wrap-up TV movie in the works? [SciFi Wire]

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It really is annoying when a show goes up in flames during a cliffhanger. If someone wants to finish up a show, may I suggest the late 70s show, Cliffhanger, which ironically was canceled on a cliffhanger (thanks NBC!) I'd like to know who the hell was trying to kill Susan Anton and what the cowboys in the underground city were going to do.