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Jeremy Renner Managed to Break Both Arms During Avengers: Infinity War [Updated]

Image: The Avengers, Marvel/Disney
Image: The Avengers, Marvel/Disney

Update: Jeremy Renner actually broke his arms while filming a stunt for New Line comedy Tag. During the chat where he revealed the injuries, he was also discussing filming Avengers: Infinity War, leading to the confusion that the injuries stemmed from his Hawkeye roll. Here is the original article.


In an unfortunate instance of a fake superhero getting really hurt, Jeremy Renner fractured both arms while doing a stunt for Infinity War.

Renner told the story of how he fractured his right elbow and left wrist at Karlovy Vary Film Festival (via Variety). For someone with two arms in braces, he seems pretty determined to keep working, saying that the injuries “won’t stop [him] from things that [he needs] to be doing.”


That’s impressive, becuase although his Instagram shows him healing it also looks painful as hell:

“I’ll heal fast. I’m doing everything I can to heal faster,” he continued. Sadly, Hawkeye does not have super-healing, so in both the MCU and the real world, Renner’s going to have to get better on regular old human time.

We also don’t know exactly what stunt laid Renner low, but it had better have been a good one. If he doesn’t have a really badass moment to justify this, that’ll just be sad.


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