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Jennifer Lawrence's Nephew Does Not Approve of Her X-Men Career

Illustration for article titled Jennifer Lawrences Nephew Does Not Approve of Her iX-Men/i Career

In the second wave of X-Men movies, Jennifer Lawrence’s Mystique hasn’t really been the antagonist she is in the comics—hell, in Apocalypse she’s the one leading the next generation of Mutants into battle. Comics diehards have grumbled about this for a while, but they have a surprising little ally: Lawrence’s own nephew.


The cute tidbit comes from an interview with Lawrence on The Tonight Show, in which the actress reveals that while she might be the cinematic incarnation of Mystique, to him, she’s not a real X-Man. Check it out below, complete with cute reaction from the little guy when Lawrence asks him why he isn’t a fan:

It’s hilariously adorable to imagine this little guy as an X-Men purist (I wonder how he feels about the portrayal of Apocalypse in this one). According to Lawrence he might just not be a fan of her movie acting in general—adding that he moaned and groaned when having a cameo role in the final Hunger Games movie as Katniss’ child, too. Everyone’s a critic!

James is a News Editor at io9. He wants pictures. Pictures of Spider-Man!

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I’ve never had a problem with the movie’s take on Mystique. Yeah, she’s not following her comic arch, but she IS basically following Emma Frost’s arch. Switching out the character that the story is about is far from the worst sin that comic movies have committed.