Jennifer Lawrence Told Us How Katniss Takes "Control of Her Own Destiny"

At the Hunger Games Part 2: Mockingjay press conference today, we got a chance to ask Jennifer Lawrence one question, and we asked whether Katniss is really a true believer in the revolution now. Is she finally on board, or is she just playing the role everyone expects of her?


You can watch the video for yourself, but in a nutshell, Lawrence said that everything’s changed for Katniss now, as a result of what happened to Peeta. She was just trying to survive and protect her sister before, but now she’s fully committed and is taking control over her own destiny. And yes, Katniss was willing to give up being the Mockingjay at the end of the first movie to save Peeta (something that’s not in the book) — but now, she’s embraced it completely.

Also, producer Nina Jacobson points out, being a revolutionary is different from being a figurehead—Katniss may have been willing to give up a purely symbolic position that she never chose, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want to keep fighting the Capitol.

Also, one interesting thing: Jacobson said that at the end of this final movie, it all comes down to who controls the media, and who decides what message the state propaganda apparatus sends. And that’s a big reason why Katniss and her friends discover that changing the world is harder than they thought, and comes at a higher cost.


Craig Michael Ranapia

First to save a lot of time, can I just stipulate that plenty of people hate book Mockingjay and the very idea of Katniss PTSD-ing her arse off. And that’s OK, but we’re just going to have to agree to disagree and move on. But I’m hoping the movie is going to have the stones to preserve the ambiguity of her position — it’s not a choice between being “finally on board” or “playing the role everyone expects of her.” Katniss is doing both, and trying desperately to carve out some space she can more or less live with.