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What do you think is going on in this trailer for Jennifer Lawrence's new horror movie The House at the End of the Street? (Which, everybody keeps carefully reminding us, was filmed before she did Hunger Games.) Lawrence and her mom (Elizabeth Shue) move in near a house where a double murder happened, and there's a creepy dude there, and the basement is full of scary, and there are hints that something supernatural might be going on. Might.


But what's with all the time going backwards in the trailer? Is this something that happens in the movie, or are the film-makers just getting arty? And why is Jennifer Lawrence's makeup so 1970s-debutante looking? I'm way more pumped for a horror movie about a monster whose power is time-reversal than I am about another "house where something scary happened in the past, and it's still scary for some reason" movie. [via CinemaBlend]

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