Rumor: Lex Luthor's Batman V. Superman Scheme Is Bigger Than We Thought

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Morning SpoilersIf there’s news about upcoming movies and television you’re not supposed to know, you’ll find it in here.

Plus there are hints about even more comic-book characters that might show up. Plus what do early reviews say about Mockingjay? And all the Grant Ward news from Agents of SHIELD. Spoilers now!


Top image: Batman v. Superman

Batman v. Superman

An extra claims that there are at least two funerals in the film: one for the President of the United States, and one that's a flashback to the Waynes' funeral. While there's no information on how the President could be killed, some comics readers speculate that this could mean that Lex Luthor is clearing the way for his candidacy.

As for the Waynes' funeral, the extra said:

The first scene we filmed was with Jeremy Irons [who plays Alfred.] It was out in a field with young Bruce Wayne. A flashback to the Wayne funeral. The small set was really cool with the hearse vehicles sporting Gotham license plates.

There was also a scene with Henry Cavill, as Bruce Wayne, surrounded by green screens. As usual, given the massive penalties extras can get for breaking non-disclosure agreements, take all this with a grain of salt. [Tech Times]

A set photo seems to hint at another character for Batman v. Superman. The photo is of a trailer door with a sign that reads "Kahina Double." If real, that would mean that Kahina the Seer is appearing in the film. Since she's a member of the Others, who are hunting down Aquaman's foe, Black Manta. If the movie stays true to that backstory, there's every chance Kahina's presence is setting up something for the Aquaman movie.


In related rumors, the current story out there is that Jena Malone is playing Kahina, not Robin. [Movie Pilot]

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A similar sighting says that there was a sign for "Knyazev" on the door, which could mean that the Suicide Squad member KGBeast is showing up. Since no glimpse of these actual characters have popped up on set, we could be seeing real names, or fake names designed to throw us off. [Filming Chicago via We Got This Covered]


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Part 1

A bunch of early reviews are out, and thus far the response is pretty uniformly positive — as of this writing, it's around 86 percent on Rotten Tomatoes. Variety says:

The only real source of suspense here lies in the crucial question of where exactly [Suzanne] Collins' story has been cleaved in two. Rest assured, the decision has been made with near-Solomonic wisdom, allowing for just enough incident to sustain this relatively trim two-hour setup until its quasi-cliffhanger of an ending, while leaving several big twists to come in "Part 2" (due out Nov. 25, 2015), along with a presumably epic final showdown.


A common element in a lot of the reviews is the observation that this installment is largely focused on the propaganda war between the Capitol and the Rebels, with Katniss having to step up and represent the uprising. There's a lot of praise for new additions Cressida (Natalie Dormer) and Alma Coin (Julianne Moore) who add the political dimension of the film. See more at some of these links. The main note of caution is that this movie is mostly setup, and the good stuff is saved for part 2. [Variety and Daily Star and Forbes and Slashfilm and Guardian]


Lionsgate's picked up Pentacle, a magic-based thriller from Ian Fried (Black List). [Deadline]


The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies

Here's a TV spot. [via Coming Soon]

The Flash

In case you didn't think that Firestorm was going to be a significant part of this season, here's another hint: Luc Roderique (Godzilla) has been cast as Jason Rusch. Here's how the character will be incorporated into The Flash:

A graduate student at Hudson University, [Rusch] was part of Martin Stein's research team on the F.I.R.E.S.T.O.R.M. project. In the DC comics, Jason takes over the Firestorm matrix after Ronnie Raymond's death.


[K Site TV]

Here's a video interview with Jesse L. Martin, who talks about Joe West's worries about Barry, STAR Labs, and Iris. [Buddy TV]

Here are a bunch of character posters from The Flash. Links to the individual cards at the link. [CW TV Source]

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Agents of SHIELD

Jed Whedon and Maurissa Tancharoen said that Grant Ward will obviously have a lot more impact now that he's on the run:

Whedon: [He'll impact the season] A fair amount!

Tancharoen: We can't really say too much.

Whedon: But we can say that we love the character. The response to Brett as Ward this year is even better than last year. The turn was hard for some people to swallow, and some people delighted in it, but now it seems that people either hate to love him or love to hate him.

Tancharoen: That's exactly what we want. [Laughs]

Whedon: We're really happy with it. In our minds, he's killing it this year. The confidence that Ward has is so terrifying, and we think he's playing it wonderfully.

Tancharoen: What we love about him is, he's a villain that you desperately want to trust, even though you don't trust him at all, but you want to so badly, because you know he's telling the truth all the time.

Whedon: And then if you find yourself trusting him, you're like, "What's wrong with me?" [Laughs]

Tancharoen: "What's wrong with me?" "Why am I so damaged?"

They also said that they love J. August Richards, and that nothing in the Marvel universe ever just goes away. [Comic Book Resources]


Brett Dalton also commented on what happens with Ward on the run:

I think ever since we found out Ward was a wolf in sheep's clothing, he's been very interesting to watch. He's a wild card, and in particular - this season we have no idea what to expect. He has gone rogue! He has all of these skills, knows how to use them and there's no stopping him. Before, there was someone always telling him what to do and now, he's his own boss.

Being on the run has its downsides too. I don't get to be around the team members as much as I'd like, but there is so much that the fans get for free. Put Ward in a room with Fitz, and you get that feeling of betrayal. Put Ward in a room with Skye, and you get the possible romance. Put Ward on screen with Coulson and there's the defiance. Those little undertones make it all worth it for me and make it a blast to be a part of.

Now, with his allegiances ambiguous, it's going to be very fun to see his relationships with everyone on the show evolve in this new landscape. Will he help? Will he fight? We'll just have to see.



The 100

Below's an interview with Ricky Whittle and Bob Morley talking about what's changing for Lincoln and Bellamy. [Buddy TV]

Here's a clip of Clarke and Anya: from tonight's episode:

The Strain

EP Chuck Hogan explained that they're planning to adapt the three books over the course of five seasons, with seasons 2 and 3 spanning the second book and a fair amount of new material added just for the show. As for what we're seeing, Hogan explained:

We estimate maybe 10, 15 percent of people have been turned. There's still a long way to go and the city is definitely hurting and is starting to fall. The fun part about our show, as opposed to most shows, is that it doesn't just happen. It's not like all of a sudden there are vampires here and it's on. But we're actually seeing the fall, the decline of civilization and how society is reacting or failing to react to this sudden scourge. So that's a big part of what we'll see and what our characters have to face. We're really interested in the external pressures, what it would be like semi-realistically if something like this happened in a major city.

What we will see is New York fighting back, too. There are pockets of resistance, there is a growing sort of grassroots effort to throw these things off. In other words, not just our five or six heroes doing it, but other people for their own reasons. So there is a real sense of a growing battle between vampires, who are trying to essentially colonize and take over New York and everything else, and humans who, once they understand the threat, try to mount a resistance and try to hold their city.

... There's going to be a different kind of vampire that's specially created by The Master that will assist Kelly in her hunt for her dear ones. We're really excited. It's a step up from our other vampires in a really exciting way. That's going to present even more of a threat – and they're also a really great tool for Kelly to use. It's almost like she gets something of a surrogate – she gets her own form of children who will assist her.


He added that the Master's backstory will be shown, starting in the season premiere. He also said that Eph's alcoholism will progress. Fet's going to be "on board" with Setrakian, who is on a sort of spiritual quest following his failure to kill the Master. And there will be new characters:

We'll have the emergence, the appearance of a very new player in this ongoing [vampire hunter] battle which has been raging for some time: the actual character from the book – his name is Quinlan. We were calling one of the hunters Quinlan in season one (the mysterious black-hooded vampire hunter who recruits Gus, though his name was never used) but we hadn't really thought that through. There will actually be someone, another entity, if you will, who appears in a really dramatic and interesting way, closer to midseason, and shakes things up. His character arrives in a really cool way and at a really cool time. That's one thing I'm really excited about. I don't want to give away too much. There are really exciting things there. And yet I feel like they grow out of the story, too. It's not like we're dropping a bomb in the middle of the story just to shake things up. [This new character] will be the actual Quinlan and these hunters have another interesting role but if you're familiar with the books it's not exactly what you might expect.




James Wolk will star in the CBS adaptation of the James Patterson novel. Wolk will play Jackson Oz, described as:

a young renegade American zoologist who spends his days running safaris in the wilds of Africa when he begins noticing the strange behavior of the animals, which leads to a wave of violent animal-on-human attacks across the globe. As the assaults become more cunning and ferocious, Oz is thrust into the race to unlock the mystery of the pandemic before there's no place left for humanity to hide.


[Entertainment Weekly]


Here are a pair of videos with Felicia Day talking about her return to the show this season. [K Site TV]


Here's a sneak peek at this show's version of Harvey Dent. [via Coming Soon]

Go here for more photos from episode 1.10, "LoveCraft." [SpoilerTV]

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Here's a comic preview for tonight's episode. [via SpoilerTV]



Here's info on episode 4.12. [via SpoilerTV]


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Jena Malone is playing Kahina

So casting a white American lady as Iranian character if true. Please don't be true.