Jen Bartel Designed Captain Marvel Sneakers and By Hala, They're Good

Shoes to absolutely take you higher, further, and faster.
Shoes to absolutely take you higher, further, and faster.
Image: Footlocker
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I already like Carol Danvers’ Captain Marvel aesthetic a whole lot, but translating its dark blue and red design into a sneaker just makes me like it even more.

Artist Jen Bartel has been teasing a collaboration between herself, Marvel, and Adidas this week to celebrate the launch of Captain Marvel, and now we’ve finally gotten a really great look at it: a run of limited edition Adidas AM4s that replicate Carol’s Captain Marvel supersuit.


They’re the traditional colors from the comics, rather than being inspired by the Kree blue-and-green “Starforce” costume we’re also seeing in the movie (although that would also make for a cool shoe), but the design beyond that incorporates elements like the gold suit lining and the Hala Star worn on Carol’s chest, and even a subtle cosmic design in the blue print to honor Captain Marvel’s mighty cosmic status.

It’s a really lovely design—even without the little Captain Marvel accoutrements, they’re nice sneaker colors in the first place, but the devil is in the details, as they say. If you want a pair for yourself, you’re going to have to be sharp: The sneakers will go on sale exclusively at Footlocker stores in the U.S. and online tomorrow, March 8, and will set you back $150. You’re gonna have some competition trying to get them, too:

Because even Carol herself wants in. I wouldn’t want to get between Captain Marvel and a pair of her own Skrull-kickers.

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These are rad as hell. But “unisex sizing” - I wear a US 14 /Euro 47 in a wide (E) or extra wide (EE) depending on the amount of padding. There is no way these shoes are going to be made in sizes that big, is there?