Jemaine Clement Joins X-Men Spin-off Series Legion

Credit: Screengrab via YouTube
Credit: Screengrab via YouTube

Flight of the Conchords star Jemaine Clement is trading in his singing pipes for another mutant superpower. It was announced online that Clement is joining the cast of Legion in a multi-episode role.

The news came right around Legion’s New York Comic-Con panel, which also showed fans the first half of the one-hour pilot episode. Attendees described the show as perfectly frantic, jutting between different directorial styles (like Wes Anderson comedy and Kubrick-ish sci fi drama) while also creating a look and feel that’s completely its own.

The show follows a mutant named David, aka Legion, who’s believed to be one of the most powerful mutants ever discovered. He’s at a psychiatric institution because he thinks he’s mentally ill, when in actuality he has the ability to move objects with his mind and alter reality. Even though David isn’t mentally ill, showrunner Noah Hawley said he and other characters on the series have issues they’re each exploring. He added that mental illness will be heavily explored on the show.


No word whether Clement will be a patient, a government agent, or someone else whose storyline we haven’t even begun to explore. However, Deadline confirmed he will be in multiple episodes. All I’ve got to say though is if his character has the power of flight, we can shut it down, people. There won’t be a better story on the internet in our lifetime.

Legion debuts on FX in early 2017.


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I have no clue what to make of this show. Can an X-Men show work in a universe where the X-Men don’t exist? Can a show that revolves around Xavier’s son work without that particular detail in place? Can a good show come out of this character when the only comic of his that I read wasn’t that good to begin with?