Illustration for article titled Jeff Smiths alternate universe-hopping art thief comic RASL may get the movie treatment

According to Deadline, Sherlock Holmes franchise producer Lionel Wigram has purchased the rights to Bone cartoonist Jeff Smith's pandimensional art thief comic RASL — Smith himself has signed on as an executive producer.


In Smith's highly idiosyncratic comic, Rasl is an art thief who uses fantastic technology to "drift" between parallel dimensions and steal an infinite supply of Picassos. These dimensions have the most minute of changes (for example, Bob Dylan keeps his birth name of Robert Zimmerman in one of these new dimensions), and despite the comic's high concept trappings, it takes place in an unassuming neighborhood in Arizona.

The comic also has a gritty streak — drifting takes a lot out of Rasl physically, so he's constantly drinking and recuperating from his dimensional jumps. In the right hands, Smith's intriguing blend of pulp grime with fantastic technology could make for a helluva film indeed. Wigram is looking to Warner Bros. to pick up this project.



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