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Jeff Goldblum Just One-Upped The World's Greatest Wedding Photograph

Illustration for article titled Jeff Goldblum Just One-Upped The Worlds Greatest Wedding Photograph

You've all seen "The Greatest Wedding Photo in the History of the World" (in which the bride and groom are running from a T-Rex). Well, Jeff Goldblum just one-upped that photo. Visual proof that no matter what the occasion, Photoshop finds a way.


Wedding couple Jesse and Pamela Sargent had a very special guest attending their ceremony: Jeff Goldblum (aka Dr. Ian Malcolm). And when their photographer Adam Biesenthal, asked Goldblum if he would be game for the traditional "T-Rex chases the wedding party shot" the actor agreed. Let it be known that Jeff Goldblum remains, the best.


Photograph from Adam Biesenthal's website.

[Reddit Pics via Uproxx]

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