Jeff Goldblum and Author Chuck Tingle Adorably Bond Over Dinosaur Erotica

Covers from some of Chuck Tingle’s dinosaur erotica novels.
Covers from some of Chuck Tingle’s dinosaur erotica novels.
Image: Chuck Tingle

Jeff Goldblum—the sexy king of the dinosaurs—and erotica novelist Chuck Tingle, together at last, sharing their mutual love of handsome dinos during a Reddit AMA. This is the stuff fan fiction dreams are made of.

The Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom star hosted a Reddit AMA to chat about his other new movie Hotel Artemis. Things went about as expected. He chatted about his weekly live jazz concerts in Los Angeles and his preferred type of eggs (“scrambled and rustic”). Then, Tingle stopped by.

The Hugo-nominated scifi erotica author asked whether Goldblum would be interested in collaborating on a “big time show” dedicated to human-dinosaur romance. While Goldblum didn’t address that query, he did answer the more pertinent question: What is the most handsome type of dinosaur? The resulting exchange reaffirms that Goldblum is, without a doubt, the greatest human being alive on this planet.

Image: Reddit

Chuck Tingle: hello HANDSOME JEFFS i am dr chuck tingle worlds greatest author of dinosaur stories you are HANDSOME JEFFS worlds greatest actor of dinosaur movies. i think it would be nice if we worked on a big time show to PROVE LOVE IS REAL BETWEEN MAND AND DINOSAUR i am open to this discussion.

now i will ask what you think the most handsome dinosaur is? Lawyer Dinosaur, Bad Boy Biker Dinosaur, or Handsome Doctor Dinosaur?

Jeff Goldblum: Well Doctor, we obviously have a very magical connection. I love all your ideas, and I would say the handsomest dinosaur is Handsome Doctor. I mean Handsome is right there in the name... final answer.

Chuck Tingle: thank you for PROVING LOVE IS REAL in this important way i appreciate this interaciton [sp] on our timelines i am so thankful that we could share in this way thank you. i agree that this is the most handsome dinosaur thanks.

Look, I’m not saying this is the start of a beautiful friendship between a dinosaur erotica novelist and the man who lounged shirtless as a T-rex was poised to attack, but a woman can dream... and write some sweet Goldblum-Tingle fan fiction. If anything else, we now know that Goldblum likes Handsome Doctor Dinosaurs. And that knowledge means something.



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While this is overall amazing and I would love to see Goldbum goldbluming his way through a big budget adaptation of Space Raptor Butt Invansion, it’s always stuck me how similar Chuck Tingle’s writing style is to Francis E. Dec.

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