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Could the next nostalgic movie sequel for Jeff Bridges be Starman 2? He's certainly open to it. In fact, he's got a few questions from the original he'd like answered in the sequel.


The 1984 flim, directed John Carpenter, is a story about an alien life form who responded to the message Earth attached to an old space probe asking any alien life forms to please visit Earth. Naturally, when he shows up the whole planet freaks out.

In an interview with HitFix Bridges threw Starman on the table as another past movie he'd seriously consider revisiting:

"'Starman,' what happened there? That's kind of set up. Y'know Karen Allen is preggers. She's got that little ball and stuff. What's up with that? Y'know what I mean?"


Amazing, he even has notes. But seriously, no. Please just let Starman be that awkward little alien picture from the 80s.

Would you object to Starman 2?

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