Jeff Bridges finds a director for the role he was born to play: The Giver

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We've been waiting years for good news on the adaptation of Lois Lowry's The Giver. The movie, which Jeff Bridges has been attached to for a very long time — because Jesus, just look at him — has been stuck in development hell forever. But now, Variety is reporting that Philip Noyce (Salt) is hot to direct this film. Hell yes. This movie NEEDS to be made. Sure, it might be difficult, but come on. The book won a Newbery Medal, as we all remember because we were forced to read the "giant medallion" cover in Grade School.

The Giver is set in a colorless, dystopian future where people are given pills to suppress their feelings. All memory of the past has been erased. When born each child is assigned a job. But the main character, Jonas, is assigned the curious job as Receiver. In which he spends his days receiving the memories and feelings from The Giver. Obviously once Jonas starts receiving these memories, things start to change.

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Jane, you ignorant slut.

How did we all feel about the sequels to The Giver, and how they ruined the ambiguity of the ending? I hated Gathering Blue, can't remember Messenger even though I swear I read it, and finally, kind of liked Son, which just came out. I think going back to the original community setting and exploring that was the strength of Son, though. The middle two books were just too separate, and I had a hard time imagining the communities described in them fitting into the world of The Giver.

This has been a way-too-in-depth exploration of a book I first read in fifth grade.