Ryan Reynolds teams up with Jeff Bridges for the supernatural buddy cop movie R.I.P.D., and we caught the first footage here at CinemaCon. Could this be the break from dark gritty action movies we've been waiting for?

R.I.P.D. is based on a little-known comic book about the people who police the ghosts and other supernatural nasties, and here's what we saw.


First, the set up. A fire engine red SRT Challenger skids into the frame. Inside, a bullet-proof vest jacketed Ryan Reynolds playing good looking hero cop Nick Walker. He's chasing down a suspect. The car chase quickly becomes a firefight, that sends Nick off a ledge headfirst into the cement. And he's dead. Then the whole thing turns into the "Carousel" commercial.

Nick starts walking through the frozen-in-time crime scene, but then the sky opens up, "Gozer from Ghostbusters" style, and the hero starts to ascend into what we're assuming is Heaven… but it ain't. Cut to a jolted Reynolds sitting across from Mary-Louise Parker, with the sign in front of her that reads "Proctor." She's making Nick an offer he can't refuse, because he has a "particular set of skills." This Proctor wants Nick to join the R.I.P.D. force, a collection of dead souls who inhabit the Earth picking up "deados." We assume Nick agrees because the next thing you know the R.I.P.D. badge is being burned into his chest and Jeff Bridges pops up as Nick's new partner, Roy Pulsipher.

At this point Ryan Reynolds takes a back seat to Jeff Bridges' insane antics. Which are, for the most part completely endearing. Donning a cowboy hat and a version of his accent from True Grit, Roy shows Nick the ropes of R.I.P.D. Together, the two run around town arresting deados.


How do they get away with this? Because humans see them as different people entirely. Instead of seeing the stone cold fox that is Reynolds, the living people of Earth see Reynolds as Big Trouble Little China's James Hong. And instead of the gargantuan gun he's holstering, it looks like James Hong is running around shooting a banana. Meanwhile, Bridges looks like Victoria's Secret model Marisa Miller. This leads to some excellent Hong and Miller bickering moments.

Oh and finally, since Roy and Nick are already dead (you even get to go to Nick's funeral), they can't be killed. In one scene, Roy throws Nick right out the window, and uses his body as a cushion for the fall. You can't die, but it does hurt. Nick retaliates by throwing Roy into the path of a moving bus. Which really looks like an underwear model getting thrown into a windshield.


It's all very "Men in Black with dead people." And that's not a bad thing. The deados, once outed, mutate into grotesque creatures. Each one is different — we saw a Hulk-ish looking monster, and one fella covered in eyes. Roy has a long vocabulary of Western jibber jabber that befuddles Nick, but charms the audience. However, Reynolds is really taking a giant backseat in this film… it's odd. The footage we saw really showcased Bridges and gave Reynolds very little jokes to work with. A strange choice, but we can only hope that we're just not seeing the good Reynolds stuff.


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